Tuesday, January 31, 2017

so someday I'll remember

I have spent most of my adult life not being a very political person.  It's been a topic that I've just steered clear of, tired of the fighting, not wanting to offend others by jumping into the fray, and honestly more worried about the problems in my own home than the problems in Washington.  This year things have changed.  It's not that I'm not worried more about my own home, it's that I'm realizing how things happening in Washington could impact those things, and it's not ok.  I'm not usually an alarmist, but the rise of our current administration has set off a lot of bells and whistles for me.  It's a good thing I don't work for him currently, because if I was a member of the state department and said I disagreed, my job would be gone today.  That kind of censorship is terrifying.

There are many things that bother me about where we are right now as a nation.  We've elected someone who does not in my mind have the makings of a good leader.  I consider good leaders to be people with integrity.  I want a leader I can trust.  I want a leader who puts the needs of others before their own.  I think good leaders practice servant leadership.  I don't see any of these qualities in our current leader. Many tried to point out that he would surround himself with the best and brightest.  The people he's chosen to surround himself with make me even more nervous.  I see friends and family who are so relieved it's not the other candidate that they feel like they can sit back and relax.  Both candidates were equally abhorrent to me, just in different ways, and honestly in some of the same ways.  Our vigilance can't stop just because thank heavens it's not Clinton.

Part of my job as a history teacher was to inspire civic involvement.  After I hung up my teaching hat, civic involvement took a back seat for too long. Right now I see freedoms starting to slip and it makes me nervous. I see an executive branch attempting to remove checks and balances through use of executive orders. I see a need for action.  I am hopeful that I can find my role in it all.  I alternate between contacting my congressmen and trying to focus on doing good in my own sphere.  I'm hopeful that a backlash of goodness will help to balance out the craziness happening, because if it's doing anything, it's helping people realize they have to act.

I wanted to write about this because I feel like in the future, it's something I will want to look back on.  What were my feelings after Trump's first week in office?  Here they are.  I'm strapping on my seatbelt because I fear we're in for a wild ride.

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