Wednesday, August 19, 2015


photo by Jessica Haderlie

There are certain things that need to be recorded.  The arrival of a baby is one of them.  Before my brain gets too fuzzy on the details (although that may have already happened at this point), I want to record the birth of our number 5.

Pregnancy this time was definitely more difficult than it had been previous go-rounds.  I'm not sure if it's the fact that my body had been through this so many times before, or the fact that I'm getting older, but the end of pregnancy brought discomfort.  I was hopeful that I may go into labor on my own.  I had contractions for several weeks, but no such luck.  I was facing another induction and felt torn about what to do.  There was an error made when my due date was recorded, and it was written as Saturday, the 13th, instead of Friday, the 12th.  I thought I would choose the 10th and split the difference between the June birthdays that already were taking place that week, but the midwives recommended I choose the soonest date possible because of my desire to avoid another shoulder dystocia.  Since I couldn't get induced on Saturday, the soonest date was the 8th, the day after Nellie's birthday.  It was not ideal in my mind, but we went for it.

The drive to the hospital was peaceful, and we arrived at 7 am.  My nurse was friendly and kind, and her oldest had just graduated from high school, so we talked about how quickly time passes and the different parenting stages we have to look forward to.  Katherine, the midwife, arrived around 8 and we started pitocin.  Contractions started coming so quickly once the pitocin started, and I felt a mixture of excitement and panic that labor may be considerably shorter than it had been in the past.  When I had Nellie, I was so glad that I'd had an epidural due to the shoulder dystocia, and I didn't want to miss out on an epidural this time since repeat dystocia's are common.  Around 9 I received my epidural, and although I was relieved to know that I would have it for the delivery, it made laboring miserable.  I asked Pat to hold my hand because I couldn't stop shaking.   I felt hot and then cold.  My teeth chattered and I itched all over.  Essentially I traded one discomfort for another, but I was still glad to have made that choice.

Around 11:30 the nurse came in and I felt the familiar I'm-going-through-transition nausea.  She held alcohol wipes under my nose to try to help me not throw up, and surprisingly I avoided the pink bin.  I told her to come back in half an hour and I'd be ready to have a baby.  I was right. My nurse had taken her lunch but stayed close by, so they paged her to come back along with Katherine, and I felt like they were taking forever.  After 2 pushes our sweet boy arrived at 12:21 pm, my shortest labor and one of my easiest deliveries (and no dystocia after all of my worries!).

Deciding on a name was an agonizing process.  We took our list, but I just couldn't pull the trigger until the end.  We used a family name from my side after a great-great grandfather named Andrew Wesley, our boy would be Wesley Andrew.  Wes has been a dream.  Watching his siblings dote on him all summer has been the sweetest, and I can't imagine our family without him.  We love our Wes.