Monday, August 12, 2013

So hello

Well, there's no easy way to jump back in besides jumping back in, so hello!  Sorry for the extended hiatus.  Summer in our little house has been busy.  Life in our little house is busy.  There is chaos and clutter everywhere making it hard for me to function, let alone think coherent thoughts or write coherent sentences.  The past few months have been devoted to meetings with contractors, swimming lessons, library trips, and attempts to maintain sanity.  Still more contractor appointments to go, but we're getting closer.  Framing has started and it's starting to look like we might indeed have a house sometime.
We returned last night from a lovely trip to San Diego.  We went with the husband's family to celebrate my mother-in-law's completion of chemo-therapy.  We are happy she is cancer free and hope it remains that way!  And what better way to celebrate the good news than galavanting all over southern California in 70 degree weather.  It was fantastic.  I think one of the highlights of the week for me was the beach.  I could have done a whole week of beach days and been totally content.
In other news, the husband started a new job today.  I need to come back and record this story because it's one for the books, but we are feeling extremely grateful for this new opportunity, and the fact that his commute is being cut in half has me beyond thrilled!
In a few weeks I'll have 6 hours a week with only one child at home.  I'm hoping blogging will increase.  In the mean time I have a busy week ahead with back to school preparations and to-do lists that have been put off for a week.  Hope to be back soon!