Sunday, March 17, 2013

faces and places

Felt Feb 17 2013 pictures from Christina Felt on Vimeo, pictures by Jessica Haderlie

Somehow, this month has turned into a whirlwind.  March has definitely come in like a lion at our house.  I'm currently bouncing back from round two of strep/sinus infection/flu after round one of antibiotics didn't do enough to get rid of it.  So that's been fun.  Especially when I woke up to round two of being sick on the day we listed our house.  Yes, we did.  We listed our house.

This was not in our plans.  We just finished our basement and made some changes and are finally getting things just the way we want them.  There's room for everyone and room for visitors and space for our family to be as they grow.  But the first time I was in bed this month, I knew it was what we were supposed to do. I had 5 days in bed to think about it and pray about it.  As I prayed I could barely get the words out before I was overcome with peace and warmth that it was right, and that is not how things usually happen for me when it comes to getting answers.  The husband took some time and came to the same conclusion.  Before we knew it we had a contract on a lot about a mile away and a dear friend coming to take decent pictures for us and boxes everywhere as we pare down and put things in storage and clean and de-clutter and our realtor calling with people wanting to see the house while I was sick in bed (I hope "sorry, not today," won't be too much of a deterrent).

I walk through my house right now feeling a little disjointed, knowing that this place where we knew we were supposed to be 7 and a half years ago isn't where we're supposed to be anymore.  It's also interesting to think about who is supposed to be here right now, and what this house will come to mean to them.  I could give them a tour of the room where I've rocked my babies, or the places where we patched the walls after my dad fell through them.  I could tell them about how much salsa and spaghetti sauce I produced out of the harvest of my garden boxes.  I could share with them the countless nights of  chatting shared with the husband and with friends.  I could tell them about the parties hosted and the holidays shared and the hundreds of family dinners around our kitchen table.  We could talk about the neighbors who came and helped build the cover for our deck.  We could talk about the days it took to put together our swing set.  So much to share.

Obviously I am sentimental to the core, but somehow I have also been blessed to feel ready to move on from this space. I know there is somewhere else we're supposed to be, and I'm excited to see how the next chapter unfolds.

In the mean time, I'm counting it as a tender mercy that we had our family pictures taken one more time in this home we love.  Little corners and details were captured that I will love remembering, but more importantly, faces of the people I love.  Moving isn't as hard when I know they're coming with me.

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katie said...

Change is difficult, especially for us sentimental people. I just got over the flu/sinus infection... Trials are never fun.