Sunday, February 24, 2013


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Today was my last Sunday in my calling as the primary president.  It was a hard Sunday looking into the faces I've grown to love and realizing that I won't be spending my Sundays with them.  It was harder to look in the faces of my own kids.  All of those children are amazing, but to be there with my own and to watch their faith grow and hear them sing has been a gift.

I felt it coming the start of January.  Quiet whisperings to enjoy the time I had in my calling, others helping me think about life with my family without a busy calling, all preparing me for what was to come.  But I'm still left in some ways wondering what's next.

The beauty of it all was being able to go back to the knowledge I've had all along- that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us- and a plan for me.  I'm excited to figure out what is next.  I'm excited to do things I haven't done for the last almost 5 years that I've been in a presidency (first Relief Society and then Primary).  That quilt that I started ages ago?  I'm planning to get back to that.  The books that have piled up on my nightstand?  I might have time to work on that pile.  And that running that I've been trying to increase?  I think I might just make it happen!

More than anything I'm excited for the increased time with my own children.  I don't have any week night meetings to go to.  I don't have frantic Sundays.  I don't have any lessons to prepare.  I won't be able to stand it for long, but as long as it lasts I'm going to attempt to enjoy it.  I'm going to plan more meaningful family home evenings.  I'm going to increase my one-on-one time with my kids.  I'm going to read more books with them and dance around the house and play trains and legos and polly pockets and tend to the needs of my home and my family without long to-do lists hanging over my head of non-home-related tasks.

And I'm going to come back to this list in the moments I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.  Bittersweet, indeed.


Hannah said...

When I told Carson I was being released, he burst into tears and continued to cry throughout my last sharing time. He also cried the next week saying he didn't want to go to primary without me. I cried with him. Not being with my children was the hardest thing for me as well.

Enjoy this time without a calling! I'm sure it won't last long for you!

Alison Alleman said...

C- I know the a way. I was released from my primary presidency calling a few weeks ago too. It's been really sad not get to spend time with those sweet kids and the gals I worked with. But I have to say, I loved going to RS and SS yesterday! It was about the 5th time in the last 5 years and it was great! I got called as Stake YW secretary, which already been really busy, but I'm super excited. Don't forget to let us know what your next calling is when it comes :)