Friday, February 1, 2013

A list for the weekend

Adorable print via Sarah Jane.  I love it!  

Happy February!  Happy Friday!  The sky is blue this morning and it's amazing how I feel a million percent happier when I'm not surrounded by gray.

Our weekend agenda includes a baptism for a special friend, a birthday party for Mr. Sam (even though Addie now has strep, she won't be contagious by party time, so we're planning to seclude her, disinfect, and hope for the best), serious cooking/double meal preparation so I can take some freezer goodies to a friend, and as many house projects as I can cram in before the husband has to go to work Saturday night.  I thought I'd share a few things I'm loving lately to head into the weekend.

-Lenka.  This album is on repeat.  Everything at Once and Everything's Ok are two of my faves, but her music is so fun and happy, just what I need mid-winter.

-This post resonated with me on so many levels.  I worry in the same way.  I'm trying to learn not to worry and just focus on loving exactly like the author talks about.  I am learning and growing and worrying a little less.  I am definitely a work in progress!

-My love for Sarah Jane continues with the start of her printable inspirational prints.  You all know this is right up my alley.  I love a good inspirational print.  Can't wait for more!

-I watched this earlier this week and cried grateful tears and immediately sent my husband an email thanking him for being him.  I am also grateful for my Heavenly Father.

Happy Weekend.  So excited for this month of love!  And almost the 2 year anniversary of Bee!

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Hannah said...

I love that video. My husband and I watched it together and were both very touched. The Mormon Channel does such an amazing job with those videos.

And congrats on 2 years! Time flies. Love your blog to bits.