Friday, January 18, 2013

Notes for the Weekend

Look at me!  I'm blogging!  It feels good to write again after being sporadic for so long.  At least I'm writing, because I'm still struggling with the running, and when I say struggling, I mean not having my husband home so I can do it and not having the energy to haul two kids in the double stroller to go do it.  I need to figure out this plan.  And maybe get a treadmill, although I think running on a treadmill is a cruel form of torture, but it may be the only way that I accomplish this running thing right now.

My family has been sick.  The husband was down Saturday through Tuesday, and despite looking like death he decided he had to go to work Wednesday.  That was just in time for Nellie to start her fever which is still going strong today.  Luckily she's sleeping right now.  Unluckily I'm pretty sure she feels awful.  I'm crossing my fingers no one else comes down with it.  

In the mean time, I'm supposed to be planning Sam's birthday party.  I'm a little reluctant to pass out invitations for fear that the plague will continue to take down the rest of the house.  I'm tentatively planning on Monday (thank you Martin Luther King Jr. Day- you come at just the right time), but I may have to wait until next Saturday.  I'm not sure if Sam can wait that long- his excitement levels are through the roof and his patience levels are not.  I'm also a little tired of party planning.  I guess that's what happens with a birthday at the end of our family birthday season- I'm a little worn out by the end of it all.  I'm going to need to dig deep for a little enthusiasm for another party.  

In other news, Amazon has a bunch of albums on sale for $2.99.  A lot of them are so deeply discounted because I'm not sure who would listen to them, but I found a few this morning that were worth adding to my iTunes library.  I'm currently listening to Carole King's Tapestry album and feeling like I'm about 10 again cleaning on a Saturday morning.  Maybe I should start cleaning again while I listen.  I'm hoping to disinfect every inch of this house.  Luckily there is not a lot on the weekend agenda aside from the birthday party I should be planning, so I just might get something done around here.  

Hope your weekend is fun-filled and germ-free.  I'll be back here soon.  Because I do that now.  I blog, you know.  Ha!

P.S. I turned on word verification.  Too many spammy comments lately.  I'm hoping this keeps the computer robots away, but I'm sorry to do it because I think word verification is all sorts of annoying.  If it's bugging you too much, let me know.  

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Patty said...

Isn't it funny how a song can take you back? Hope you have a restful and sick free weekend!