Monday, January 28, 2013


-I am currently over the many bugs seeming to be passed around this winter.  So far we've cancelled Sam's birthday party twice, so I'm hoping it comes to pass this weekend.  Just when some people get better others seem to come down with something.  I'm crossing my fingers we can kick sick to the curb.

-I am currently elated that I saw blue sky.  This is the time of year when I question why I live in Utah.  Winter has been particularly winter-y this year, and between the cold and the snow and the frequent inversions, I'm ready to head south.

-I am currently realizing that I bit off a little more than I could chew for a few days this week.  The days I race from one commitment to the next never seem to go very well.  I'm assessing to see what can be cut or postponed, and I don't feel too guilty doing so.

-I am currently menu planning for the rest of the week.  We tried this delicious dinner tonight and it was a great weeknight meal- not too labor intensive but flavorful and delicious.  Beef stew, lasagna, and a new chicken pot pie recipe are on the menu so far for the rest of the week.  Hearty winter fare is definitely winning this week.

Hope you're surviving the winter-time blues.  Three more days until the longest month of the year is over.  I can't wait!

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Hannah said...

This has been a horrible sickness season for us as well. yuck! I'm glad you are all feeling better.

Yesterday's blue skys and warmish weather was wonderful. Missing it again today...