Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've thought a lot about life for the past two days.  The events in Connecticut are overwhelming and difficult to comprehend.  Hearing the news became a moment when time stopped.  A few hours earlier I was with Nellie at her 6 month check-up finding out how my girl is growing and delighting in her development.  Shortly after I received an email with some good news from a friend in difficult circumstances.  A few hours later I received news about the chemotherapy schedule for my mother-in-law: 6 months of treatment.  So much good and bad in one day.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with all of the bad and hard and hurtful and evil things in the world.  Other times I am overcome by the goodness and love and kindness and peace that still exist.  Life is full of both, but sometimes it's hard to recognize the good and not let the knowledge of the bad seep into every thought.  

I laid in bed last night and talked to the husband about all sorts of things.  We played name that tune with the magic piano app on his iPad for way too long and talked about things we need to improve on and the coming Christmas celebrations and how to make our home a refuge and protect our children in today's world.  Events like yesterday make me want to never leave my safe haven, but living my life in fear is letting evil win.  I choose to live my life with faith instead, working hard to add a little good to the world and to teach and love and protect my family the best I can.  

I loved the message of this video.  Although the trial is completely different than what is currently being experienced in Newtown, the message that the Savior will hold us during our most difficult Christmases is my prayer for all of those affected by this tragedy.  

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