Monday, November 5, 2012

waste not

Yesterday I roasted a chicken.  We enjoyed it with roasted vegetables and I decided I could eat roasted vegetables everyday forever.  Last night I put what was left of the chicken in the crockpot with a bit of this and a dash of that and woke up to homemade chicken broth this morning.  Tonight we had tortilla soup for dinner tonight.  I am grateful that I have skills to stretch one meal into a few.  I am grateful that I enjoy cooking for our family.  There are times when I do not, and those weeks are miserable.  Usually it takes just powering through the rut and making one really delicious meal and I'm back in the groove again.  I am grateful that I can buy groceries and that my children don't know hunger.  I am grateful for the comfort and love that can be shown through a meal.  I am grateful for the privilege I have to make meals for my family.


Hannah said...

As one who has tasted your delicious cooking, I'm sure your family is grateful that you cook, too. :)

Meg said...

oh i love this. i am grateful for this too!