Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today I am grateful for struggles.  They humble me to my shoe-tops.  They teach me about myself, about those around me, and about my Savior.  They stretch me and shape me and smooth out the rough edges.  They help me rely on others.  They help me be independent.  They drain everything out of me.  They fill me with compassion.  They show me how weak I am.  They show me my strength.  They give me exactly what I need to become who I'm meant to be.  I'm grateful for a Master Teacher who loves me enough to let me struggle and teaches me everything I need to know along the way.


Joan Bardsley said...

Proud of you, my girl! Well said! Love you!

Melissa E Photography said...

Christina! We just bought a new computer and for some reason my google reader got messed up. Here I have been thinking you haven't been blogging all this time! I was thinking about you last night because Aaron has been studying up about Krohn's and he was saying how miserable it is. I'm so impressed with how you guys have handled that ongoing challenge. I miss you so much!