Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mini milestones

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There are a few things I love about this weekend.  The weekend after October general conference was when the husband and I went on our first date 11 years ago.  The weekend after October general conference was when we moved into our home 7 years ago.  I love remembering.  I love marking milestones, however big or small they may be.

In other milestone news, Addie bore her testimony today in sacrament meeting for the first time.  Nellie is laughing and smiling and developing a cute little personality.  Sam is reading like a champ and having friends at school and really blossoming.  Charlie is continuing to be a ham and telling me "I'm sorry" 50 times a day for the smallest infractions in a very sincere and endearing way.

I love this family.  Things are not always easy, but the good outweighs the bad.  Hope you had a happy weekend and maybe enjoyed a few milestones of your own.

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