Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I sure didn't try to leave the last post up for so long, but somehow it happened.  I haven't necessarily felt that much better about several of those sad things, so there it sat.  But I'm determined to turn the frown upside down starting now.  I'm planning to blog something I'm thankful for all month long for the month of November.  I'd like to say it will happen everyday, but committing to things like that is a sure way to set myself up for failure, so I'll say that it will happen most days, and if I'm lucky it just may be everyday.  I need to remember these things right now.  Hopefully I'll record a few other tidbits along the way that I've been wanting to write about.  Despite the hard things, life really is beautiful, and I need to focus on the good right now.  I'll be back here tomorrow.   

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