Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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Last week the husband met with his doctor.  About a month ago we learned that the heavy doses of steroids he's been on over the years for his Crohn's have killed his bones, and he has osteoporosis.  He met with a new family practice doctor to take over that portion of his care.  After running an extensive lab panel, the doctor had some suggestions for changing his diet that will hopefully improve his bones and overall health.

These are some big time changes.  I feel like we're pretty much overhauling the way we eat.  The doctor suggested implementing any/all/a combination of the following diets: GAPS, FODMAPS, or Paleo.  While they each have their own specifics, they share the commonality of pretty much no grains or legumes, no sugar, limited dairy, you know, misery.  My kids love beans.  Hummus is eaten on a regular basis.  Life without bread is going to be a change.  Ice cream has been my favorite food since I was big enough to talk.  Pat and I regularly end the night with a sugary treat.  Life changes for sure.

I spent the weekend feeling a combination of overwhelmed sorting through all of this nutritional info and deep sorrow thinking about life without chicken pot pie or cornbread with my chili or homemade pizza (dare I try a cauliflower crust?!?) or our favorite enchiladas or tortillas in general or pitas or rolls at thanksgiving or dessert or on and on.  I'm sure that sounds dramatic, but food is such a huge part of my identity as one who tries to make good food, and it's been sad to think about abandoning some of our favorite recipes.  I'm sure we'll gain some new ones.

I'm also really hopeful.  I truly believe that food can heal, and I have hope that all of the pesky health issues we've dealt with can maybe be gone, from little things like allergies to bigger ones like asthma to even bigger ones like Crohn's.  I'm hopeful that we can re-introduce sourdough bread given some of it's health properties after our initial cleanse, but I'm sure the things we will/won't eat will evolve over time as we experiment with what brings us our best health.  

I suppose I can look back and see the ways I've been preparing for this over the years, from dealing with food allergies for my boys to cooking a strict diet for my dad to eliminating dairy while nursing.  I'm happy that I can get creative in the kitchen and figure out some new things.  I've made batch one of bone broth.  I made a new dinner recipe tonight that was decent and surprisingly filling.  I'm getting ready to clean out my pantry of anything processed and refill it with our new and improved foods.

I feel kind of crazy.  I'm sure this sounds crazy.  But I have hope.  I'll let you know how it goes.  If anyone has any experience/recommendations/condolences (ha!) feel free to weigh in.


Janell R. Cropper said...

You seriously amaze me. You are always able to confront all your challenges, and take them by the horns and show them who is boss. I know you'll be able to tackle this. :) Can't wait to hear how everything goes. My husband sends his love to both of you as well :)

Ella said...

I would feel the same way. Saying goodbye to favorite recipes is like saying goodbye to old friends! You will definitely need time to mourn them. And I'm sorry you have to. But better health is major plus! Selfishly I am excited to observe you in my quest to discover if good health is worth sacrificing yummy foods, or if yummy foods are worth sacrificing some health (pounds)--or, as Monique calls it, the Ina Garten option. In Pat's case, though, the answer is obvious. But, hey, if the diet gets to be too much.....PARASITE, baby!

Hannah said...

Oh, Christina. I hear ya. As you know, I ate that way for over a year. It was challenging, to say the least. But it is doable. And there are some delicious recipes out there. By sugar free, are you talking just processed sugars? Or does he have to cut out some fruits too?

I often offered bread and carbs with my meals, though. I wanted my family to eat it even of I couldn't.

With my allergies, I should be following your lead. Let's share recipes.

Britley said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure you, if anyone will be able to do it. You are a strong woman.