Thursday, August 23, 2012

A few things

be nice
be you

1.  School has started and I'm kind of mopey.  There are so many good things about it, but it sure stresses me out at the same time.  When I pulled up in front of the school on Tuesday, I kid you not, "God be with you till we meet again" came on the cd player.  Thank you to The Lower Lights for making me totally lose it at drop off. 

2.  I'm beginning to mark things off the to-do list that have been hanging out there all summer.  I'm feeling the urge to purge and organize since we finished the basement and then had a baby and everything hasn't quite found its home again after those events.  Slowly but surely things will find a place around here.

3. I've had many late nights over the past couple of weeks.  I'm hoping this weekend proves restful.  Aside from celebrating the husband's birthday, it's free of plans.  Hooray!

4.  Sam starts kindergarten Tuesday.  I'm definitely more stressed about his first day then I was about Addie's.  He hasn't had a great first-day drop off ever.  Usually he's peeled off of me to attend whatever class he's headed to.  I'm hopeful he'll be awesome because I'm pretty sure no one will be there to peel him off of me this year.

5.  Last Sunday we had a special family night with back to school blessings.  The husband and I had been discussing what our hopes are for our kids this school year, and he talked about wanting them to really leave their comfort zones to make new friends and include everyone.  I talked about wanting them to stick to what they know to be right and to not worry about what everyone else is thinking about them.  We came up with our theme for the year, be nice+be you.  I'm hopeful they can work on these two principles throughout the year.

6.  All summer I said that I was ok with the fact I didn't plant a garden because I was too pregnant when I should have been planting.  Now that it's harvest time I'm a little sad about it.  I'm currently hoping stray produce will find its way to my doorstep.

7.  I made peach salsa last night with fish tacos.  I love peach season.

Hope you're enjoying the back-to-school/summer cool-down/garden harvest/slow weekend time of year.


Hannah said...

peach salsa, that sound right up my alley! We made "peach pleasure" Jamba knock offs today with our freshly frozen peaches. Delish. I'm a fan of peach season too!

I'm sure you kindergartener will be fine, even if his first day is a tad hectic. Crossing my fingers that he is brave and ready to tackle the new venue.

And I have some product (and raspberry starts) for you. I'll swing by sometime soon.

Hannah said...

produce, that is. ;)