Thursday, June 14, 2012


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Today I'm 30.  It feels like such a milestone, but also such a gift to be celebrating simply today.  I'm not planning on going anywhere.  There will be no adventurous plans to mark another decade.  Having 4 kids is adventure enough right now!  Instead the best gift is being able to spend a slow day surrounded by the ones I love.  I love that family time to just BE together.  I'm excited to soak it up.
I look back at where I was turning 20, and although I felt mature and became a bride a few weeks later, I have come a long way in the past ten years.  I'm sure in ten more I'll be saying the same thing.
Life is amazing- a gift to help us become who we are.  That's how I'm feeling at 30- like I'm become more and more myself with a greater calm and quiet confidence about it all.  I think it's also my goal as a mother to help my children become who they are.  Sometimes easier said than done, but I am constantly amazed at how our lives are tailored just for us to teach us- to help us reach our potential.  What a beautiful gift from the greatest Giver.  I've been reflecting on the life lessons I've learned so far- I've always been a bit nostalgic.  Without further ado:

30 things I know
1. People are more important than things.
2. We are stronger than we think we are.  Not just me, not just you- everyone.
3.  It's important to understand where we come from.
4.  The right people come into our lives at the right times.
5.  Forgiveness is one of the best gifts we can give to others, but an even better gift to give ourselves.
6.  I can't do everything.
7.  It's ok to ask for help.
8.  Relationships take work, but the best thing I've done in my strongest relationships is to let the little things go.  
9.  Some people just don't like you, and it's ok.
10.  Gratitude makes any situation seem better.
11.  My happiness is not dependent on anyone but me.
12.  There is tremendous joy found in nurturing.
13.  My worth is not measured by what I look like.
14.  My worth is not measured by how many items I check off my to-do list.
15.  It's important to let the little things go when it comes to frustrations, but it's equally important (or maybe even more?) to appreciate the little things that are good that make up a beautiful life.
16.  I can instantly feel better by focusing on others instead of myself.
17.  I'm really good at the learning part of things, but not always so good at the doing and applying what I've learned.  I have work to do to align the two.
18.  We do not have to let our past control our future.  Our circumstances do not define us.  There is always choice.
19.  Friendships make life so much sweeter.
20.  I'm learning to be quiet.  I can still stand for something with the way I live my life instead of thinking I need to shout about it.  But if I need to be vocal, I will.
21.  Nothing brings the same satisfaction as a day of hard work.
22.  I've never regretted trusting in the plan, even when it's scary to step into the dark.
23.  Faith is empowering.
24.  What's right for us during certain times isn't necessarily right at other times.
25.  A clean house makes me a happier person.
26.  Being a mom is harder than I ever thought.  Being a mom makes me happier than I ever thought.
27.  We can choose to change.  We are often the only thing holding us back from making those changes.
28.  Marriage has made everything seem possible.  I know I can do anything with my husband by my side.
29.  My life is improved in every way when I'm building my relationship with Jesus Christ.
30.  Time flies, and it feels like it's accelerating.  I want to treasure every day.

Happy Flag Day, friends.  Hope to be back soon with Nellie's birth story+ more.


Hannah said...

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world. I hope your day is relaxing. Love you lots, Christina. 30 is a big milestone!

Melissa E Photography said...

I love this list. I hope your day was the happiest!