Monday, March 12, 2012


One of my favorite cards via Sarah Jane

On Saturday night I spent way too much time (especially considering I was already going to lose an hour of sleep that night) reading through old emails.  I read emails from my college friends and remembered some of the fun adventures we had.  Those girls are funny.  The summer after our freshman year was spent writing to each other often, and those emails are now a treasure of our individual adventures in our various summer landing spots.  The long lists of roommate emails were peppered with some emails from high school friends.  I read about plans we were coordinating during college breaks and tried to remember the details of those times together.  Many emails were read while I shook my head at past lapses in judgment and silly choices.  Eventually I got to emails we sent sharing big life events with each other.  So many of these emails chronicled important things I couldn't bring myself to delete any of them.  Almost all of them made me laugh- a treasure of humor to save for a rainy day.  They also brought gratitude for good friends and the relationships I've been blessed with over the years.

I opened one folder of emails from the husband.  The first years of correspondence were full of sweet notes filled with love and encouragement.  Over time the emails changed to information about benefits and travel itineraries and coordinating schedules with an occasional love note.  I shared my observation with him and we both laughed at the way our emails have changed to mirror the way our roles and responsibilities have developed.

A few weeks ago while going through stacks and stacks of papers that have overtaken my house, I came across a pile full of cards.  Some were old birthday cards with quickly scrawled birthday wishes.  There was a stack of cards and letters from my grandma, many I couldn't part with as I read her details about their garden and her words of wisdom about how fast time passes as a mother.  Then I began to come across card after card sent while I was caring for my dad.  Some of them were only a line or two- "thinking of you" and "you can do this".  Others were filled with pages of encouragement and strength.  These letters are treasures to me.  They are reminders of love and support received when I needed it most.

I've been reminded recently of the importance of notes. Be it a quick email or a lengthy letter, I am always amazed at how powerful they can be.  I'm hoping to make it more of a habit to send regular correspondence, be it through cards or email.  I want to lift those around me, and this is something I can do that I'd like to make a more regular part of my routine.

Happy Monday!  My kids are currently outside enjoying our 60+ degree weather, and I'm ready to relax for a few minutes before beginning the dinner rush.  Be back soon.

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