Friday, March 9, 2012

New Traditions

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I loved my minor in college.  Learning about marriage+family was something I knew would stick with me forever.  I remember several units in various classes studying family traditions, and the thought of creating traditions for my family had me very excited.  Putting it into practice has been much more difficult than I initially thought it would be.  New traditions sometimes feel forced or awkward when you're trying something for the first time and hoping it will be enjoyable and meaningful enough to stick.  It's easy for me to put a lot of pressure on myself surrounding traditions.

Yesterday we started a new tradition, and I'm pretty sure it won't take a lot of effort for this one to stick around.  Ten years ago yesterday, the husband and I got engaged.  I've been wanting to start this tradition for years after learning about it in college, but yesterday we finally made it happen.  We decided our anniversary is more about the two of us celebrating, but we'd turn the anniversary of our engagement into a family holiday, Felt Family Day, and spend the day celebrating with our kids.  The husband stayed home from work and we kept the kids home from school (after a good 30+ minutes convincing Miss A that it was really ok for her to skip) and ate up a day full of time together.

We spent time in the morning cuddling in bed and told the kids the story of when we got engaged (a story I'll have to remember to share sometime- maybe next Felt Family Day).  We had breakfast and got ready and headed to SLC to the children's museum for a few hours of play (and to prevent the idea that everything was completely ideal, our first 45 minutes there we were overrun by several schools on field trips and our meltdown total while at the museum was somewhere around 7).  We went to lunch at the bakery we went to after we got engaged (which admittedly is not my favorite, but we still go to sometime for nostalgia's sake).  We came home and while some of us rested others played games together.  We had a snack-y dinner since we were still pretty full from lunch and played the wii together for a little while before bed.  We talked throughout the day about our growing family and how happy we are to grow together.  Even though it wasn't necessarily perfect (I could have done without the meltdowns and with a more delicious lunch) it was perfect for us and a tradition we're already anticipating next year.

The husband has had long hours lately, and I've done my fair share of flying solo in the parenting gig over the last couple of months.  It was so nice to have all of us together and to have eliminated other commitments so we could focus on each other.  And it was nice to start a new tradition that we could all easily get on board with.

Today I feel refreshed and recharged and ready to make the most of the gorgeous weekend forecast.  Hope your weekend is full of good weather and good time with those you love.  Back soon!

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Hannah said...

What a cute idea! I love it. Too bad I can't remember the date of our engagement!