Friday, March 16, 2012

Five on Friday

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The week has gotten away from me (again).  Let's catch up with a list.

1.  The first half of the week was spent taking my dad back and forth to the hospital for iv antibiotics.  He's had a staph infection in his toe for over a month that won't go away.  I'm hopeful the latest round of medication will do the trick.  I was also reminded this week of the blessing it is that he's at the point where he is now.  Two years ago at this time things were 1000 times harder.

2.  I had the chance to share yummy food and catch up with friends several days this week.  I have some pretty amazing friends, and it did me good to get some much needed adult conversation.

3.  Today I'm 28 weeks.  I'm off to complete my glucose test this morning before my regular appointment.  I'm still happy to say this pregnancy hasn't been too eventful.  I'm also realizing that I'm slowing down.  By the evenings my ankles are swollen and I'm ready to sit.  But I truly can't complain, and I'm getting more and more excited to meet this little girl and see what she'll look like and who she'll be.

4.  The husband and I talked about the room rearranging that will happen post-baby, and he made it known that he thinks we should accomplish all of that pre-baby.  That started the ball rolling and I've been in "let's finish the basement" mode since Wednesday.  Today the contractor is coming over to update the bid he gave a couple of years ago.  This weekend will be spent de-junking and cleaning out (and I'm sure many evenings and weekends to come).  I've been pinning like crazy trying to organize my inspiration and figure out exactly what we want.  Anyone who's been through this process is welcome to weigh in on basement must-haves.  The plan at this point includes 3 more bedrooms, an office for the husband, a small kitchen, a huge family room, a full bathroom, and a seriously giddy me.  I'm also crossing my fingers we can make it work to do some closet demolition and create my office nook upstairs off the kitchen.  I know Bee is not so much a home improvement or decorating place, so forgive me when some of this excitement spills over to the blog.

5.  The weather this week has been beyond gorgeous, and it makes me so happy.  I know that it's supposed to get cold again, bla bla, but these peeks of spring are good for my soul and bring a large helping of motivation.  Aside from the de-junking, weekend plans include an adult dinner at church, some grocery shopping, getting ready for Sunday responsibilities,  figuring out what's got the muffin so off this week (lethargic Sunday+rash started Monday+teething on Tuesday+repeat all week), and soaking up a little sun.

Hope your weekend is perfectly wonderful.  Back soon!


Britley said...

A washer and dryer down there are nice, especially since you are putting in a little kitchen so it could be it's own little apartment. That's my recommendation.

Britley said...

Just the hook-ups for now, of course. You can actually put them in later.