Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slow Days

great print from this new-to-me etsy shop

Monday was a day that I'd deem near perfect.  As I recounted the things I'd accomplished to the husband that evening he was sure I must have harnessed super powers from somewhere.  We made it to our early morning piano lessons on time.  I visited my dad and went to the bank and had dinner going all before 11:30.  I spent the afternoon making chocolate chip cookies and cornbread and other dinner preparations.  I packaged cookies to deliver to friends for Family Home Evening that night.  I took care of two boys who were in the beginnings of getting sick.  Although the list of "accomplishments" was long, I somehow did it all with patience and without rush.  There was no frantic feeling pushing me from task to task, it somehow just all was done and I thought to myself at several points how surprised I was that I didn't even feel tired after all that I'd done.

 Yesterday and today the productivity part of things has stopped as I've been busy taking care of two boys who are full-blown sick instead of just in the beginnings.  My body has felt tired as I've had several middle-of-the-night wake-up calls, and I'm hoping I don't give in to the germs that cover me as I hold hot little bodies.  Today is devoted to laundry and cleaning and disinfecting and sanitizing.  I don't think anyone likes the sick days, but I'm always grateful for some slow days at home.

I'm still wondering about Monday, though.  It was a day full of things, but it somehow still felt slow.  It was a gift.  I'm looking back and trying to figure out how to recreate it because most of our days are full, but the ability to remain calm and even and happy through it all was a welcome change to my usual state of being wound too tight.  I love the print above- I think abandoning the rush is the trick.  Now to re-train myself to stop rushing.

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Kim Orlandini said...

I love the days that are slow, but accomplished. I find they usually begin early for me...meaning I get my behind out of bed and get started on my day.

Hoping your littles get well super soon and that your days can be fulfilling as well as accomplished no matter what you get done that day. xoxo