Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Right Now

gorgeous print via The Paper Nut

-I constantly crave chicken and dumplings.  I made this version again tonight.  Delicious.

-My orders of inspirational prints are rolling in and packages should be finished soon for my giveaway winners.  While browsing art I love via etsy, I noticed one of my favorite shops, The Paper Nut, is closing its doors.  The shopkeeper/artist/designer Jeanie is actually a friend of mine from college, and I was thrilled to come across her shop and see where her talents had taken her.  I ordered the giraffe print above (and love that there are 6 giraffes, just like our soon to be family of 6!).  I'd order fast before things are gone for good.

-Eating sweets=heartburn.  The end of the day=swollen ankles.  My belly=popped.  Hello third trimester.

-My kitchen chairs are draped with snow bibs and wet mittens and scarves and coats and hats.  We finally had a couple inches covering the grass and I decided it might be now or never as far as a day of snow play.  There's a tiny snowman in the backyard with a carrot nose.  Chances are good he'll be gone tomorrow.

-I'm making my lists for a primary appreciation dinner tomorrow.  30+ teachers, cub scout/activity day leaders, choristers, and pianists will be there, so it had better be awesome.  This is the kind of thing I used to put together for church regularly with my old calling, but it's been a while.  I'm currently combing dessert recipes and printing tags for favors.  It feels good to do this kind of thing again.

- The dryer keeps doing a 3 minute spin cycle letting me know it's ready to be emptied.  The washer is full of clothes that need to be dried.  I really dislike when I still have laundry going at this time of night.  So it goes when you forget to change loads earlier in the day.

-I ended the day with my kids on a grumpy note.  The husband arrived home two+ hours late while we were in the middle of the bedtime routine.  My patience was gone.  I prodded de-Man 27 times today for every.little.request.   Ending the day this way leaves me filled with regret.  I wish that I could do it all over again the right way.  Hopefully a batch of waffles in the morning will be the start of a good apology and a better day tomorrow.  I am far from the mother I want to be.  Luckily my kids are (usually) forgiving of my shortcomings.  Luckily I can start over everyday.  It wasn't necessarily a bad day overall, but I sure managed to sink it quick with an ending like we had.  I'm looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.

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