Sunday, February 5, 2012

A list to start the week

I was so happy to get back into the routine I ended up spending the week doing just that.  I was by no means a perfect mother fresh from my getaway, but I went to bed each night feeling content.  Amidst the tantrums and the sass and the messes were hugs and teaching moments and gathering my kids around the dinner table.  The current pace of life is a busy one, and I love it, but my efforts to really soak it up last week left for little time around the blog.  There are so many life lessons learned lately that I need to jot down so that I don't forget them.  I'm hoping to make more time for them in the coming weeks.  In the mean time, I'll start the week with a snapshot of the present in list form.

-February is a short month, so I've made a goal.  I'm shooting for dinner at home every night for the month.  I'm giving myself a couple of nights off when the husband and I get lucky enough to go on a date and we make quesadillas for the kids before we leave, but no take-out on a bad day or quick pizza on a busy night.  I'm sure this seems like a lame resolve, but it's amazing how regular of a habit this has become (at least once or twice a week) as I chalk it up to being pregnant with #4.  24 days to go.  

-While I'm talking about my goal, I've spent a lot of time thinking about food and family dinners.  Family meal time is huge to me (so much so that I'm sure I'll revisit this topic later).  The big thing I'm focused on right now is the planning.  I've always been one to plan several weeks of meals at a time.  I used to be strict enough that I went grocery shopping every two weeks, but I haven't been that on the ball in a while.  In trying to keep up with my goal I've been tweaking things and reorganizing which meals for which nights based upon commitments that come up, something I haven't done successfully in the past.  I'm hoping I can keep up some of these good habits after the month is up.  If there's interest, I'd be happy to share some recipes/menus along the way.

-While I'm talking about food, I'm pretty sure food is also on my mind quite a bit because this week I took de-Man for some tests.  He's been having digestive issues that have seemed similar to what the husband deals with, and when our kids show any of those symptoms it instantly puts us on edge.  Test results have rolled in and showed that he's allergic to wheat, peanuts, and sesame seeds (a much happier alternative to what we were concerned about, but still nothing fun).  Sam was so excited he could still eat cheese he didn't quite realize that he can no longer eat bread.  I'm not planning to turn his diet totally upside down until we meet with the allergist, but I'm guessing some occasional posts on allergies will continue to make an appearance around here.  

-While I'm talking about de-Man, I can't believe that this week is kindergarten registration.  I've started working on the highly detailed packet and still have a few documents to gather to finish the lengthy process.  He goes back and forth between being excited and terrified.  I'm sure we'll cycle through this until after school starts.  

-While I'm talking about school, the muffin has started to cry after we do pre-school drop off.  Sometimes he insists that he's going to pre-school.  Other days he's upset because he doesn't want his brother to go.  de-Man is the first person he asks for upon waking up 9 times out of 10, and it's sweet to see how much he idolizes his big brother.  I love watching my kids' relationships with each other.  

-While I'm talking about relationships, I'm sure I'll have more to share on that soon.  It is the month of love, right?  

Hope your February is off to a great start!

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Hannah said...

oh no. Wheat allergies are no fun. Maybe the allergist will have better news. I choose to deny allergies unless they are confirmed by an allergist. ;)

Good luck with your meals. I think you should share your plans with those of us who could use a little inspiration.