Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Wanna'

Today the muffin has followed me around with request after request.  "Just wanna' read a book."  "Just wanna' look a mirror."  "Just wanna' piece of cheese."  "Just wanna' watch a show."  His opener makes everything seem like a small request- he just wants to fill in the blank, it's not like he's asking for anything too extravagant.  I thought I'd share a few of my just wanna's today, since the phrase seems to be stuck in my head.

Today I just wanna' have a dinner fairy bring dinner over.  I think it's turning into a breakfast-for-dinner night.

Today I just wanna' have my talk finished.  I have to speak in stake conference (a meeting of 1,000+ church members from several congregations coming together that occurs twice a year) on Sunday morning.    I've been doing a lot of reading/thinking, but it's time to sit down and put my thoughts on paper.  I'll be relieved to have it done. 

Today I just wanna' have a few days at my house by myself to deep clean top to bottom.  I've got a lot of organization projects that need good chunks of time to complete, but I haven't had good chunks of time to give them.  

Today I just wanna' have a nap.  I had a great time catching up with a friend last night, and we talked way too late.  I enjoyed the conversation way too much to say I regretted staying up, but I'm definitely feeling it today.

Today I just wanna' love on my kids.  I wish they all thought cuddling and giggling together are as great as I do.  

Today I just wanna' go on a date.  The husband and I have been lacking in our time together lately.  Two nights ago we stayed up late talking because we've been hard-pressed to find time for good conversation.  Two late nights in a row is probably why I'm feeling it today.  I could use some time in the temple+delicious dinner+talking about life with my best friend.  

Today I just wanna' have time to blog what's on my mind and heart.  I'm needing to rework some time management things, because there are things I need to record that are slipping away before I get a chance to write them down.  

Today I just wanna' treat.  I suppose that's something I can remedy.  Off to choose between a quick rest or a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies.

If you just wanna' have a few new fun prints for your home, don't forget to enter my giveaway.  I'll announce a winner tomorrow!


Sammie said...

Yay for breakfast at dinner! I think that's what we're heading for tonight, too. Maybe we should try to do a double date soon. I'd take any excuse to get out!

Hannah said...

Oh, Christina. I hear ya. I hope you get some of those wants.