Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Weekend

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Today was the husband's Friday off, which lately translates to a Friday full of appointments for me.  This morning was a trip to the midwife where we looked at each other and didn't have much to say because this pregnancy hasn't really had many new tricks in comparison to what I've done three times before.  The midwife said, "I feel like we should talk about something," but there really wasn't anything, and so she measured and we listened and I was on my way.  This afternoon was spent at the podiatrist with my dad thanks to a staph infection on one of his toes.  It is truly miraculous that his feet are in tact after all of the wounds and diabetic related issues they've been through.  I think the husband and I are lucky enough to sneak in a date tonight thanks to our sweet trading set-up, and I'm really looking forward to it.

This weekend will hopefully be filled with writing and studying and thinking and inspiration as I prepare to speak on Sunday morning.  This weekend needs to include a new pair of shoes for the husband, a good clean of the house, menu planning, some piano practice for Miss A, and some family fun.  I'm excited to have Monday this weekend for an extra day to be together (minus the husband who will be back at work) and an extra day to relax after all of this talk stress is done.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments this week.  I'm glad to share Bee with each of you and look forward to continuing here.  As I was choosing a winner, I wished I could send a package to each of you, but since that wasn't entirely feasible I chose three winners instead.  The luckies chosen by are Britley, Sammie, and Hannah.  I'm excited to finish putting your packages together!

Enjoy your long awesome weekend.  See you back here soon!


Hannah said...

Hooray! I'm thrilled. Thank you!

Good luck on your talk tomorrow; I'm sure you'll do fabulously. I'm tempted to sneak into your session to hear. You are always so inspiring.

Sammie said...

Yay, so excited, I hardly ever win anything! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping you enjoy a relaxing Monday sans husband!

Britley said...

Hooray! This was one giveaway I really, really wanted to win!

Good luck with your talk on Sunday. I'm sure you will do an awesome job.