Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dreams+spring fever

photo via etsy

March is next week and spring fever is setting in, making dreams and plans run rampant.

It's this time of year when I have the sudden urge to get rid of at least 50% of the contents of my house and freshen every space.  I am pinning away my inspiration and planning for organized pantries and closets and big trips to DI to drop off the things I'm ready to be rid of.

I've been daydreaming of our summer garden and trying to decide how much gardening I think I can manage with a newborn and how much canning I really want to plan to accomplish.

I've been dreaming of a long weekend away with the husband and trying to decide on the perfect destination.  I'm currently debating between somewhere with more options for fun with a little more travel involved, or somewhere close to home with less time spent traveling and more time spent relaxing+playing.   Suggestions for a 3-4 day escape are welcome.

I've been dreaming of our finished basement.  I can't wait to have this new space and to move bedrooms around and create spaces that are perfect for my kids.  There is a lot of discipline that needs to happen between now and then so we can save to make the basement dreams a reality.  Hopefully dreaming about parties to be thrown and decorating to be done and doubled living space will help the discipline come more easily.

I've been dreaming of warmer weather.  Although this unseasonably warm winter hasn't been too unbearable (and makes me nervous for what the summer may hold with the water supply), I'm still dreaming about days spent outside in t-shirts and flip flops and dinner on the grill and spring bulbs starting to emerge.

It's the time of year when I start to plan a million parties in my head.  Hopefully at least a few will come to fruition, but there are some that are definitely on the calendar (30th birthday for a dear friend, our annual back to school bash, and maybe something spring-y before a newborn throws my groove off).  Parties aside, I'm hoping a few breakfasts with friends and family dinners will satiate my social needs.  While pregnant I alternate (sometimes hourly) between being totally anti-social and needing to be surrounded by friends/family.  I'm always better off when I make myself be social, so I need to plan things for my own sanity.

It's time to find a few fresh notepads and make list after list after list.  Spring is just around the corner, you know.


Amber said...

Ooo getaway destinations! My (western) places of choice are: Oregon Coast, Bend Oregon for more adventure, Santa Fe, Tetons and/or Yellowstone, a lot of lovely spots in Idaho, or take the Amtrak train over the Sierras to San Francisco ... Closer to home, spring is so great in southern Utah... have you been to Torrey or Capitol Reef? We spent a nice weekend in Park City last fall, but you've probably done that before. Logan in the spring is lovely if you want to come visit us :)

Candis Ellis said...

Can't deny that I am smiling ear to ear :)