Tuesday, January 10, 2012


One thing we try to do as a family is read our scriptures together daily.  We're far from perfect, but we're always trying.  In August we started a challenge in Primary to read The Book of Mormon by the end of the year.  Because we're far from perfect, we'll finish it this week (and can I admit how sheepish/guilty/lame I feel about that fact since I was the one who organized this challenge?  finishing is always a success, but this one is mixed with a healthy dose of humble pie/fail).  Several families have finished and it's been exciting seeing the kids be so excited about such an accomplishment.   

I remember reading The Book of Mormon for the first time somewhere around age 12.  I made little pink index cards for myself filled with boxes that I colored in on the nights I read.  I had another one for the nights and mornings I prayed.  And I also kept a food journal.  Obviously this being better thing is nothing new, but I'm getting side-tracked.  I was at a rough place in life and found peace in that book.  I became excited as stories unfolded and I learned life lessons from people who lived thousands of years ago.  

Today as I was doing my regular blog reading Courtney's post was totally unexpected and hit me.  Hard.  I have grown to love The Book of Mormon over the years.  I turn to it as an old friend, familiar and comfortable but always teaching me something new.  But the lesson that she pointed out- the power it's given her to make bold decisions, is something I've never connected.  I can second her motion as it has done the same for me.  And when I think about the reasons that we make an effort to read as a family, this is it.  An unexpected blessing that has never occurred to me, but so extremely important- the power to make bold decisions.  If this is part of the legacy that my children get from reading The Book of Mormon, then I have a renewed determination to keep reading. 

I'm excited to finish it together this week.  And then I'm excited to start it all over again.  I had a hard time finding the words I wanted to express on Bee during Jocelyn's Book of Mormon forum several months ago, so I sat on my hands.  But today, with tears on my cheeks, they have come.  I know it's true.  If you want to know, too, let me know.  I'll send you a copy.  


Katheryn said...

Since you have young children, I'm wondering if you've read through the actual BOM or used the Children's BOM reader?

Christina said...

@Katheryn- We read the actual BOM together. I would also add that I think it has helped my kids in learning to read- another unexpected blessing.
Sometimes we read the BOM reader but more as a storybook, not as part of our family scripture reading.