Monday, January 2, 2012

Thoughts on Goals

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This year I'm taking a different approach to resolutions.  Instead of spouting off all the things I'd like to accomplish, I've thought about what I want to be and how I want to feel this year.  Narrowing it down to three areas, I've been working backwards to determine the goals I need to set to help me cultivate those attributes and feelings.  I feel like I've been a lot more purposeful in setting my goals this year, now I'm just hoping that I can achieve them!

One of the things on my list is to feel more calm this year.  I frequently find myself quickly (and usually impatiently/unkindly/stressfully) reacting to situations instead of taking time to process and choosing my response.  This is particularly the case as a mom.  It's become second nature to get upset about something instead of calmly approaching the situation.  I've spent time pondering how I can feel a greater sense of calm.  I'm hoping to implement pausing before I react, thinking before I speak, and really making a choice instead of just instantly responding in an inappropriate way.

Another dimension of feeling more calm comes in more careful planning.  The first thing I thought of was the craziness that comes after school.  Those hours are such a crucial time of the day and by nature not necessarily a calm time of the day.  A lack of planning on my part regarding dinner or preparations for evening activities or a million other things can suddenly magnify the chaos that comes during those witching hours.  I've even found that planning ahead in terms of me feeling prepared to meet everyone's needs patiently can make a huge difference.  Sometimes that means letting myself have a quick nap in the afternoon or a few minutes to talk to a friend or put my feet up, but I need something to provide me with a little down time before I'm ready to take on everyone else's needs, or I'm just as tired and cranky as the kids.

I'm the first to admit that I get wound a little tight and operate at go-go-go pace a lot of the time.  Part of becoming more calm is going to involve major changes in the way I operate!  I'm looking forward to all of the facets that come with this one area I'm working on, and if I can add more calm in just one of these areas I'll count it a success!

I'll be back tomorrow with more to share.  Hope your goal-setting is going well!

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