Thursday, January 19, 2012

A long awesome weekend: Part III

Saturday night the husband headed into work for some mandatory weekend things, and I decided I'd check my email before heading off to bed.  Sitting in my inbox was an email titled "Blendtec Winner."  I opened it to find that out of 3400+ entries, I was somehow the random lucky winner of a Blendtec from Mel of Mel's Kitchen Cafe (you know, that recipe blog I've linked to multiple times because her recipes are in such heavy rotation in my house).  My blender broke over a month ago and I've been waiting to decide what I wanted before buying a new one.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  This was a highly unexpected but definitely awesome part of my long awesome weekend.

Yesterday my blender arrived.  We christened it with peach milkshakes.  Mel is my new best friend.  

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Hannah said...

You are one lucky-duck! I've been dreaming of a Blendtec for years. There isn't a better blender out there!