Friday, December 2, 2011


where he spent last summer, photo by Melissa

Today I'm celebrating this boy.  Two!  Can you believe it?!?  His first year was a complete blur, so we've spent a lot of time this past year making up for lost cuddles/babyhood.  But he's not much of a baby anymore.  One of the biggest lessons I've learned from him is the amazing timing that the Lord has in our lives.  He came to our family at the perfect time.  I realized it shortly after his arrival, and I've said thankful prayers for that timing a hundred times since.  Oh, I love him.  Happy Birthday, sweet boy!


Today I'm enjoying the nice words about Bee from Simply Utah.  Such a kind feature!  And if you're new here, welcome- I hope you'll stay a while.


Today I'm looking forward to a productive weekend.  Aside from birthday celebrating I'm hoping to finish decking our halls, check off some more shopping, catch up on some primary projects, and spend some time with the husband.  All of that in between large doses of sitting by the Christmas tree and remaining indoors as much as possible to avoid the cold/wind that showed up this week.  Happy weekend!

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Silver Strands said...

I'm so glad to meet you through Erin's blog ... I'll be back often!