Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Quick Hello


Just popping in for a minute with a hello.  Hello!  Hope your Christmas was all that you wanted it to be.  I wanted to share a quick Christmas recap before it seems like way too far after the event.

Christmas Eve was full of fun.  We turned on White Christmas and ended up watching the second half the next day.  The kids had their first experience playing "Secret Santa" and thought it was the best thing ever.  We read Christmas Day in the Morning and since I started crying on page 2 while trying to read (not unlike this year's reading of The Gift of the Magi or The Three Trees or any other Christmas book we pulled out), the husband quickly took over.  We recounted the events recorded in Luke 2 with the kids and reflected together on the birth of our Savior.

Christmas Day was lovely.  The morning started out when we finally woke everyone up(!) at 8 and did a quick unwrapping/soaking it all in.  Then off to the in-laws for Christmas breakfast and more present opening and enjoying the kids having fun with their cousins.  We hurried home from breakfast to bathe everyone and head out the door to church.  My kids actually looked happy and sang the words when the primary went up to perform (Christmas miracle).  The husband dropped the boys and I off at home so the muffin could go down for his nap while he headed south to pick up my dad for the afternoon festivities.  A visit was had, dinner was eaten, and the kids did a whole lot of playing.  And then we went to bed.

In the days leading up to Christmas, the husband spent about two days straight working to get my shelving done for Christmas Day.  It looks fantastic and has given me quite the organizing/decorating bug.  Shelving aside, the amount of time spent and his thorough approach to get things right were selfless gifts.  Another favorite gift? A gorgeous painting of our home done by a dear friend- I need to scan it in so I can show you the beauty. It is a priceless treasure and I can't wait for it to find a home on a new gallery wall in my entry.  

Hope everyone is enjoying the down time this week with family and friends.  I'm sure I'll be scarce, but I'll definitely be back in time for the New Year.  This blog is about becoming better and I can't pass up the chance to talk resolutions.  :)

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