Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Love Note


Dear December-

Welcome back.  Although the weather you bring is not my favorite, you still manage to make me pretty happy.   You've brought two of my kids along with birthdays for several other family members.  You make my house look better than it does most of the year (except not right now, so please no one come over in this half-decorated state).  You bring some of my favorite foods and my favorite songs and my favorite movies and my favorite books and it's actually acceptable to eat/sing/watch/read instead of looking crazy for partaking of those things in the wrong season.  You bring gatherings of my favorite people.  The twinkly lights on our tree help me to take a minute to relax every night, happy to find some quiet time amidst the busy pace that tends to happen.  You put a spring in my step as I excitedly find the perfect gifts.  You fill my heart with an extra dose of compassion for those around me.  You always feel like the fastest month, but somehow it's just perfect.  I'm excited to enjoy our time together this year.


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Kathryn said...

Love it! Happy December!!