Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Miss A at 5 weeks
Today I'm setting aside my Christmas preparations to celebrate my girl. 
Miss A somewhere between 10-13 months

Today she is 7.  Time flies.  
Miss A around 18 months

I could never have imagined the joy I would find in being her mother.  
Miss A around 2 1/2

She couldn't be more helpful or creative or fun or clever.  
Miss A age 3

She was elated with every gift this morning with shouts of "I love it!".  
Miss A age 4

I'm so glad to know her, to know her likes and dislikes and what makes her tick, to love her more than I ever knew possible.  
Miss A age 5

She has changed me for the better.  
Miss A age 6

Happy Birthday, Miss A.  


Hannah said...

She was such a beautiful baby and is an even more beautiful 7 year old. Such a sweet girl. Happy, happy birthday, A!!!

Joan said...

I LOVE that girl! And I feel the same way about her mama! XOXO