Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Late night minutes

bedtime shots from Melissa

Last night I returned home from a meeting to a clean kitchen (thank you, husband) and a quiet house.  Well, a mostly quiet house.  The muffin frequently has late night crib parties, and last night was no exception.  There is very rarely crying, but instead he jumps on his crib mattress and talks and laughs and sings and eventually he goes back to sleep.  While I puttered around and spent some time decompressing, I waited for him to go back to sleep.  But after an hour and a half of listening I was ready to head to bed myself and I decided I'd sneak in a quick cuddle with my boy to see if I could get him back to sleep.
As soon as I opened his door I realized he wouldn't be going to sleep anytime soon without a diaper change.  Then I remembered I needed to bring more diapers up from the basement, so lights that I'd just turned off were turned back on again all over the house as I grabbed the supplies and returned to his room. The minute I picked him up he planted a big open mouth kiss on my cheek.  While I worked on his diaper he laid peacefully with his hands over his eyes to block the light from the hallway.  Freshly diapered, jammies zipped, we settled back into the glider and I wrapped him up tight in a blanket.  He nestled his head in my neck, and seconds later he was back to sleep.  I sat there for a while just soaking it in.
He's much too big these days.  He fairly coherently communicates what he wants, with his most frequent requests being "reag-a-book-a-me" said with various intonations, or "pease drink-a-wat-ah" or "crack-ah" or "outside-ride-a-bike".  His personality is getting bigger and funnier all the time, and I'm not sure if it's a new days-away-from-two stage or if this is really part of who he is, but he's constantly out to amuse us all.  Although usually on the go, he regularly settles in for some cuddles and gives hugs and kisses and apologies freely.  It's getting harder for me to hold his 30-pound frame for long stretches, and I'm usually looking for somewhere to sit down if he's seeming to want to be held.
He is sweetness.  I remember with Miss A and de-Man holding them in the blue chair and realizing our days there together were numbered and soaking in those minutes at bedtime, knowing they'd be gone much too soon as a new baby would take over the spot in the chair.  Last night was that feeling all over again.  I love that chair just for the times it's given me with each of my babies.  And I'm grateful for the late night minutes I stole with my muffin last night.  In two days he'll be two.  His golden birthday this year- 2 on the 2nd.  This growing up thing happens way too fast.


Melissa E Photography said...

It really is the best part of the day. I love how you described it. I'm so glad we got it on camera!

Hannah said...

He really is such a sweet, adorable boy. There is nothing sweeter than holding a sleeping baby.

Curls said...

Beautiful, there is just something special about holding a little one as they drift off to sleep.