Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Momentum

gorgeous plaque from Raymond Designs found from Shawni

Recently my thoughts keep turning to this time one year ago.  Caring for my dad was still a full-time responsibility.  Miss A was just starting kindergarten, de-Man starting pre-school, the muffin was 9 months and very round.  I was tired.  I needed a change in a big way, and I needed to refocus.  

September is a very full month with church commitments in our area- stake conference (where we meet together with other members in our stake to hear from local leaders), stake temple week (where members in our stake are encouraged to plan ahead and attend the temple as often as possible during that week), the Relief Society General Broadcast (a meeting for the women of the church around the world), and the highly anticipated General Conference the first weekend in October (where we hear from the prophet and apostles and general leadership of our church).  A year ago I was serving in the leadership of the women at church and felt prompted to sandwich a ward Relief Society conference in the middle of all of these events.  Although it added one more thing to an already busy month, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to build spiritual momentum.  I hoped that these experiences could propel us forward, giving us many chances to learn and soak it all up, and hopefully emerge changed by the end of it.  

Last year I definitely had that experience.  I look back on the growth I experienced and feel gratitude for lessons learned.  I look back with compassion on the girl I was at this time last year, still holding it all together, but tired and fragile from the load I'd been carrying.  I look back at myself so ready to soak up every ounce of goodness that was offered because my well was dry and I was in a very teachable place.  I look back with satisfaction at the Relief Society conference that was beautiful in every way and far surpassed what I had hoped to accomplish.  I look back at the blessings of that September and remember how I was changed.  

I think I've been getting nostalgic for this series of events last year because although my life looks very different this year, I am again in a place where I'm ready for the spiritual momentum to build in my life.  I feel humble and ready to learn.  I feel blessed to have so many opportunities to take advantage of.  I am ready to devote time to learning and to service.  I want these events to be a springboard for change- helping me to become better.  

There are many things to enjoy about September.  The routines, the still-beautiful weather, the full gardens waiting to be harvested are all reasons to celebrate.  I am most looking forward to a spiritual harvest that I hope will come.  

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

This September is going to Rock for you! :) - J