Monday, August 22, 2011

Work Hard- Beat Entitlement

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Tomorrow Miss A goes back to school.  It has me thinking today, wondering if I've given her some of the life lessons she needs to succeed and to be happy (not that my job is by any means done in that department).  One of the biggest lessons I want her to have regarding her education, and really any pursuit, is the ability and desire to work hard.  I've started diving into my pre-press copy of The Entitlement Trap, and I'm excited for the lessons to be learned in this book.  I think it really has some great ideas about patterns I can create to help instill that work ethic in my children that I want them to have.

I've thought about this a lot lately as I've watched several teens around me prepare to go to college this year.  Some have worked and saved, and are excited to move out and welcome the world, ready to work their way through school and make education a priority.  And then there are others who are staying at home and wondering just how much their parents or grandparents are going to contribute to pay for their schooling.  They haven't worked or saved, but they claim college is something that is important to them.  I worked my way through school with some scholarships and grants to help some, and I have strong feelings about my education, I think in part because I really felt like I earned it.  The husband worked during school but was also helped through school by his parents, and he wants to do the same for our children.  I know this is an area we'll have to compromise on, but I don't want to just hand my kids an education because I think it's much easier to take for granted- I want them to have to sweat a little for the things that they value.  There is a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in a job well done and a prize well-earned.

The Eyre's have dubbed today National Entitlement Awareness Day, and I really would encourage you to pre-order the book for several reasons:
1.  Pre-ordering is cheaper (about $12 compared to $18 when the book releases) and you know how I love a good deal.
2.  Pre-ordering will get you a recording from the Values Parenting series on honesty to share with your kids (just send in your invoice and it's e-mailed right to you- couldn't be easier).
3.  If you send a copy of your invoice after you pre-order, you'll be entered to win some pretty amazing prizes like travel expenses plus conference fees for the upcoming Power of Moms retreat, or dinner with the Eyre's to name a few.  

If you need some suggestions on teaching your children to work, if you need to change things in your own home, or if you want to join the movement to combat entitlement, this is the book for you.

This is not a sponsored post.  I did receive a copy of the book to review, but all opinions are my own.  I won't share anything that I don't support or believe in!

So far today I have enjoyed a back to school breakfast bash that ended up lingering through the morning, we've turned on the sprinklers, and we're off to back-to-school night tonight to find out our teacher assignment and enjoy a family night together.  Be back soon - you know I won't survive the first day of school without documenting it.  

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