Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Review

The weekend was full, but somehow still managed to feel relaxing.  We crammed in appointments (dentist for me, vitals for the husband and I for new life insurance), went to two birthday parties, had a busy Sunday full of church and meetings, and kind neighbors came over to help the husband work on a covering for our deck.  The frame is almost finished and the project will probably be done next weekend.  It's an exciting change, especially because the back of our house gets the west sun all afternoon, so this should help cool things down considerably.

I think the weekend highlight was a quick trip to the mountains for a picnic. Our destination on this trip was Cascade Springs and it's the perfect destination with kids- easy trails, a fun scavenger hunt from the park ranger (that was a first on this trip, but the kids loved it), stroller friendly (mostly), and not too long. Oh, and did I mention beautiful?  When I need to recharge, the mountains are one of my favorite spots.  Hoping we'll have a few more hikes before summer ends.

How was your weekend?  Any fun plans for these last weeks of summer?

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Hannah said...

Oh, I love that place! I used to work in AF Canyon as a teenager and frequented it. I've yet to take my kids. MUST do that soon. Cute pictures!