Monday, August 15, 2011

Validation: take two

love this art (and the post) from the always inspiring Brave Girls Club 

Remember quite recently when I needed some validation?   Well, today I was reminded about the kind of validation I really need.

There are a few people in my life that I look to as a measure of how I'm doing.  Some are more casual acquaintances, some are close friends.  I often feel if these individuals have a positive opinion of my pursuits, then I'm on the right track.  I guess they're a sort of personal barometer, if you will.  

I recently embarked on something I felt very prompted to do, a large undertaking that was motivated by answers to prayer.  I was so excited about this new course, until some of those people that I look to for approval left me feeling a little deflated.

It's been on my mind all day.  My questions at the beginning of the day centered around how could these people not see the goodness in what I was trying to accomplish?  As the day wore on my questions focused on how I could convince them of what I knew to be right.   Tonight I was doing the dishes in a quiet house and my answer came.  I realized that I was guilty of the same errors of the Pharisees found in John 12: 43, "For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God." My question instead became, how had I let the opinions of others have such a great influence on me instead of worrying about the opinion of my Heavenly Father?

Tonight I've been humbled.  And I'm trying to let go of my concerns about what others think.  There are amazing people around me, and I think it's still important to associate with those who help me improve and become better.  But it's unfair to me and to them to turn them into barometers for my life.  There is only One who knows if I'm on the right path and can help to correct my course if I seek His confirmation about my path.  I'm embarrassed that I questioned the course He set for me by looking for the approval of others.  I've realized that really, He gives me all the validation I need if I seek for it.

I'm so glad that answers come, even when I'm just doing the dishes.

Interesting to me that this post I read at the beginning of the day is along the same lines- maybe I got my answer first thing this morning and just didn't know it yet!
This talk also gave me much food for thought on the subject.

How do you stay focused on the opinions that matter most?



Hannah said...

I am constantly struggling with similar feelings. Thank you for this, Christina. I needed to read it.

emily said...

I find that when I start thinking too much about other opinions, I start thinking clearly again when I turn off the tv, internet and even music sometimes and start listening the the voices of my children and even just to quiet. That definitely helps me hear the right opinions.

Thanks for the ever positive messages.

debra said...

I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about. And although I wasn't too excited because it would be hard, I knew it would be a good and worthwhile thing. So thank you for doing what you feel is good and right. It reminds me of a quote that is in my niece's room, that I need to put in my house, "Do Hard Things." (And I'm hoping blessings start raining down from heaven. :)