Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tomorrow will be better

pictures from Melissa- yes, I'm still posting these, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon

Today was a doozy.  Not the way I wanted to spend the last week of summer break.  My legs are literally covered in mosquito bites (I lost count around 70), and I think my personal discomfort spilled over, zapping me of patience and kindness and fun (and really, when I'm alternating between rubbing alcohol, oatmeal baths, hairspray, and hydrocortisone all over my legs, am I still supposed to be fun?).  I held up pretty well until the afternoon, making it through swimming lessons and laundry and haircuts.  But this afternoon the exhaustion from not sleeping the night before due to scratching coupled with the disobedience and sassiness of tired kids (and throw in a fussy one year old for good measure) pushed me over the edge.  The late afternoon brought tears from all of us, and I am left looking back on the day with regrets.  The biggest sting came from the words of my girl- a retort that maybe I shouldn't have had kids if I was so rude to them.  Ouch.  My goal for tomorrow is to be happy, kind, and gentle.  My children are among my greatest blessings, and I want them to know it- to feel it from me.  Looking at the above pictures of their sweet faces is motivation.  I need to get the rest of our week back on track.

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Just Only Me said...

Christina!! Your family is so sweet and I absolutely love the pictures. It's so fun to "see" you after so many years, you are just as beautiful as I remember! (so are your kidlets!!)