Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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Yesterday I caught up with an old friend.  We hadn't talked for a couple of years, but she's the kind of friend that I can go for ages without talking to and pick back up where we left off.  She's my oldest friend- we've known each other since we were babies, and there is something so comfortable about talking to someone who knows your whole story.

We've both been through changes since we last talked.  She's moved from the state we grew up in, and she's fallen in love.  I've added another kid to the mix since our last conversation and been through the experience caring for my dad.  We both have busy church responsibilities and share the same faith that guides our lives.  So many things are dissimilar, yet our lives still feel much the same to me.

As we caught up she commented along the lines that her life is so different than what she had planned, but that it is still good and probably even better than what she could have planned for herself.  This is something I know to be true, and I have been thinking about it ever since.  I know that there is One who has a plan for each of us.  Many times it's not the plan we would have chosen for ourselves.  His plan pushes us to our limits, stretches us beyond what we think we're capable of, and forces us to grow.  His plan has perfect timing, although we usually don't understand it until we're looking back.  His plan brings the right people to our lives at the right times.  His plan is full of opposition, but the joys and sorrows all have a purpose.  When I look back at the path my life has taken, I see Him at every turn, in every detail.  I have faith in His plan.  His plan helps us to become.  I'm grateful for the reminder from a dear friend that His plan is perfect, better than what we could plan for ourselves.

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