Sunday, August 14, 2011

Planning the week

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Ah, Sunday night.  The fantastic time when I soak up what's left of the weekend, reflect on the accomplishments of the past two days (even if the accomplishment was just to relax), think about the goodness of Sundays and the lessons learned at church, and gather my bearings for the upcoming week.

This weekend was non-stop.  My mom has been in town, so we've been spending time with her.  I ran approximately 53 errands.  We launched a huge scripture reading challenge in Primary today, so much of the weekend was spent getting ready for it (and by much of the weekend I mean hours of preparation- but hopefully so worth it!).  The deck project was completed and I found the deal of the century on a new table and chairs, so we've been trying to spend time in our new little outdoor space.

I'm staring down the barrel of another potentially jam-packed week.  Tomorrow starts another session of swimming lessons.  Tomorrow starts the last week before the start of school.  I find myself torn between two approaches to this last week.  Do I fill it to the gills with the fun I want to have before summer is gone, making every last memory?  Or do I soak up the last few days that can be potentially lazy?  I'm hoping to throw our second annual back to school party (hence making it an annual thing).  I have a desire to get back on schedule so we're ready for the early bedtimes and early wake-ups next week.  I think while I'm waffling on the busy week or the lazy week, the ultimate goal, and often the hardest for me, is to be present.

I want to remember the way Miss A can't seem to put a book down and then tells me excitedly all about the plot.  I want to remember the way de-Man asked for popsicles 200 times a day and always had the perfect one-liner to smooth over his mischief.  I want to listen to the 3 or 4 new words a day that the muffin is coming up with and the way he sings to himself while he plays.  I want to cuddle them around me and read.  I want to take them to the park.  I want to find time for individual school-shopping dates with the big kids so we can get a little one-on-one, even if we're just going to buy new socks and a few new t-shirts and an ice cream cone.  I want to find a way to balance my lists of necessary tasks with the lists that my kids make of the things they'd like to do.  But really, I want this week to be about them- my last summer love note to them before schedules and real busy times take over again.  Wish me luck.

Which would you choose- a pack it full of fun week or enjoy the lazy days week?

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Karen said...

I've been a reader for a little while now, and I really do enjoy your blog.

I'm having the same debate at my house about whether to chill or be crazy busy this last week of summer. I'm leaning towards chill-out, simply because I need to get back into some sort of routine and regular bed-times.