Wednesday, August 31, 2011


found via pinterest via this great Martha project

Today I woke up and started my morning with some reading.  The day is always better for me when started with scriptures (but I still forget that fact and sometimes wonder why the day is so crazy and realize I forgot to read that morning).  Soon after I was joined in bed by my girl for some morning cuddles.  Today I've felt a fresh perspective as I've thought about recent events.  It feels like a gift- a reminder of all the fresh blessings that I need to be grateful for.  A grateful heart has made for such a great, full day.  I need to remember that.  A few things currently on my list of things to be thankful for:

+produce from the garden.  I'm making my first batch of salsa today (it's simmering as we speak) and I hope to share the recipe soon.
+loose ends getting tied up.  I made a call a while ago which was returned this morning, and now Miss A is scheduled for piano lessons.  Can't wait for her to have this experience.
+an organized home.  Not that I'm there completely, but I'm motivated to get there right now, and that's a good thing.  Not only that, but I actually have little bits of time to accomplish projects.  And I'm getting rid of things.  Feels so good.
+inspiration.  Sometimes I feel less than inspired.  I often doubt the impressions I receive.  I'm still trying to improve spiritual communication.  It is a learning process, and a work in progress to be sure.  But I have been reminded that I really can be inspired, and that is a true blessing.

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