Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mid-Week Re-cap

I have to say, I can't believe today is only Wednesday.  Monday feels like ages ago!  I guess that's because much has changed since Monday.  For starters, I now have a first grader.  Oh, what a change.  Monday night was full of nerves and excitement.  As Miss A said her bedtime prayers she prayed that she would be brave the next day and that she wouldn't miss me.  She felt a little hesitant Tuesday morning, but came home with stories to tell about how great her day was.
Today when I picked her up it was a different story.  At lunch an older student told her the first grade lunch was over and she needed to go to recess, so she hurried and cleaned up her things, went to recess, and started to cry.  She didn't get to finish eating and was starving all afternoon (and after she asked her teacher she learned that lunch wasn't really over).  Then she noticed I had tennis shoes on when she got home (not the norm for my summer footwear), and when she heard I'd gone on a walk this morning without her, she lost it all over again.  Out came the story about lunch time along with her worries that she doesn't get to spend time with me anymore and she really just wants to stay home and she doesn't like eating lunch at school and on and on.
Change is good, but sometimes change is hard.  We're definitely adjusting to our new norm over here.  De-man is having his own adjustment period without his best friend at home all day, and today it manifested itself as he became a bully to his friends and brother.  No wonder it feels like it's been a long week!  I'm off to bed- I need to be well-rested to be the mom I need to be right now.

Hope to be back soon with more positive 1st grade news and other things to share!


Kathryn said...


Hannah said...

Oh, that breaks my heart. Poor, sweet girl! Why in the world do they not have first grade tables?? Hope things get better.

Eric said...

Did that older student trick her on purpose? How rude!! Poor thing. She is too cute to have bad things happen to her. Things will turn around in no time I'm sure!

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Heather said...

When my kids were younger, I thought I was in the hard part of parenting. The late nights and the no sleeping. I have come to find that the emotional ba;lance of hoping your kids are doing ok is FAR more exhausting and reading this made me tired. It made me feel tired because we are going through both stages right now. I was so niave to think it would be easier, I have a feeling it is going to get worse. Thankfully the high's are as big as the low's... gotta remember that huh.