Monday, August 1, 2011


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Today I woke up feeling a little down.  I have three weeks of summer left with my kids that are sure to pass way too fast.  Last night I sat down with the calendar for August and started filling in various events on certain days, and I realized how this month is already filling up.  The calendar filling was after I'd spent some time on my porch and felt down right cold at some points thanks to a summer storm and a strong breeze.  And cold at the end of July is just not the way I want to feel- fall already seems to be in the air thanks to the monsoon season we've had lately.
This morning we start swimming lessons and I'm already giving pep talks to an anxious 4 year old who is not wanting to participate.  I'm hoping he can overcome his fears this morning, but his past history doesn't point to a favorable outcome.  Cross your fingers for me.
I think the only cure for today is to look to serve those around me to get over my August blues.  After swimming lessons that is my plan.

I can't bring myself to say Happy August.
Instead, Happy Monday.

Promise to be back soon with a better attitude and more to share.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oh I am with ya sister! Just grab these next three weeks by the horns and don't let any moments to love your kids get away from you...even if it's cold! hee hee! :) All the better...