Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazing Weekend Wishes

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Good morning!  I'm happy it's Friday, and as an added bonus it's the husband's Friday off.  I'm a little sad it's Friday because it's one more week of summer drawing to a close.  Popsicle consumption has been at an all time summer high this week, and I can't believe it will all be over soon.  I'm thinking I need to get my shopping started for the incredibly long list of school supplies for my first grader
Do you have fun weekend plans?  A mix of work and play, heavy on the play, are my hopes for our weekend.  And I'm thinking catching up with friends I haven't seen for way too long would make it even better.  Sunday is Pioneer Day, the Utah state holiday celebrating those who made the state great, and pretty much an excuse for a 4th of July repeat.  I'm hoping for a BBQ after church, but need to get planning.
I thought I'd send you into the weekend with a few links I love.

-a little mom pep talk over at My Favorite Things
-this video that I can't get out of my head
-a challenge to do better at Bloom

Hope your weekend is ridiculously amazing!


Alison Alleman said...

I love you!

Lizzy said...

Summer is flying by!!! I get sad thinking it's the last year of high school for my youngest...I got teary on the campus visit we experienced on Friday :( We'll definitely make every day amazing till he's off to college...great message~