Thursday, July 14, 2011

a pep talk for myself

quote by Gordon B. Hinckley, print by Our Daily Obsessions via  Kelly on Pinterest
This week has been a mixed bag.  It's been nice to have less going on.  But now that we're at Thursday, it's starting to feel a little monotonous, just waiting to cross the finish line to the weekend.  It's been a little bit productive and a little bit lazy.  Today I'm feeling a little restless.  Everyone had been awake for less than half an hour this morning when the brother/sister fighting started.   My response to said fighting was not my finest parenting moment.  Needless to say, it's not even 9 am and our day is not headed the way I'd like it to be.  This week the above quote has been in my head.  Some summer days feel long.  Sometimes the daily to-do's of scheduling doctor appointments and paying bills and meal planning and refereeing feel suffocating.  But I need to get back to the enjoying instead of the enduring.  I shouldn't just be waiting for the Friday's, I should be enjoying the everyday.  Nothing a little summer fun can't cure.

I'm off to turn my day around.  An apology to my kids is first on the agenda.

Hope your Thursday is (unlike mine) off on the right track.  But if it's not, turn it around.  It's never too late.

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