Friday, July 29, 2011

Love Week Day 5- Becoming Better

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I remember in my single days hearing the wisdom to find someone to marry who made me want to be better when I was with them.  I think it was some of the greatest advice I've ever received, and I've found it to be a wonderful part of my marriage.  When I'm with the husband, I can so much more easily let the little things go.  To me there is rarely an issue so big that makes me want to bring contention or hurt into our relationship.  When I'm with the husband, I try to speak kindly.  He's rarely heard uttering an unkind word, and it helps me try harder to do the same.  When I'm with the husband I gain perspective that to work towards our relationship being eternal, we need to improve and be the best we can right now.  I don't want to be standing in the way of forever because of complacency or laziness.

I hope that no one has the mistaken idea from my posts this week that my marriage is perfect.  I know of few that are.  I have a lot that I can improve on to be a better wife.  There are times when I'm grateful we were friends first because that foundation of friendship has helped us through difficult things when being a spouse felt more difficult than being a friend.

But I can say that my marriage relationship is second only to my relationship with Jesus Christ.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that with all of the other demands in life.  Marriage is worth my very best efforts, and it's been a good thing for me this week to refocus on what I've done right in the past and what I should be doing right now.


Happy Weekend!  Hoping to find time to celebrate the anniversary sans kids, along with a big birthday party to attend and the normal weekend chores.  As much as I've loved focusing on marriage this week, I'm excited to be back next week with other things to share.  Hope your weekend is full of summer fun!

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