Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Love Week Day 3- The Anniversary

We were babies nine years ago.  We were excited about an eternity together, plans for the future, and the fun we were sure to have along the way.   In 9 years we've lived in 3 places.  We've had 3 kids.  We've finished 2 degrees, and just this week we were both talking about another one (we'll see if those dreams come to fruition).  We've held more jobs than I can keep track of (I'm thinking 5 for you, and I can recall at least 5 for me).  We've lost jobs.   We've been in the hospital, me to have babies, you to get better. We've been to New York three times, Moab twice, Oregon once, Disneyland once, Las Vegas twice, and Idaho more times than I can count.  We've held many church callings and supported each other as we've spent time serving.  We've worked hard and played hard.  We've laughed and cried (mostly me on the crying).  We've talked and listened (mostly you on the listening).  We've grown individually and as a couple.

We knew what some of our trials would be as we began our journey together, but we never could have imagined some of the other experiences that would bring us so close together. You've been the best through it all, never leaving me to deal with what could have been deemed my own problems, but embracing every challenge as ours.  

I couldn't get over how great you were the whole time we dated.  My roommates grew tired of hearing me at the end of every night, "isn't he just great?"  Nine years later and you're still great.  And I am blessed to call you mine.  

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Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary! (I know I am behind on this wish). You two are so darn cute;)