Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love Week Day 2-Learn Together

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From day one of our marriage the husband and I have been in it together, side by side, and it's one of my favorite parts of marriage.  Although there have been some areas where I've had more experience and others where he's had a stronger knowledge-base, there have definitely been situations where we've both been green and had to learn how to do things together.

I remember in the first few weeks of marriage we came across an experience new to both of us, and we weren't quite sure what our next step should be.  I deferred to the husband, thinking he might have an answer, and his response was classic: "Well, I don't know, last time I did this it was a complete disaster!"  It was such a clever way to diffuse the tension that can come in marriage as we entered unchartered territory, and I needed the reminder that sometimes he didn't know any better than I did and we would have to work out a solution together.  It's become our standing joke when we are confronted with a new situation, and it instantly helps take away any frustration that we could be feeling with each other.

I've never been a wife before.  He's never been a husband before. We've never been parents before.  And although we've been married for 9 years now and parents for 6 1/2+, we're still not pro's by any stretch.  There are still new situations where I have to determine what my role as a wife should be in that particular set of circumstances .  But I know that we're in it together, and we can be patient with each other as we figure things out.

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Hannah said...

It is the best part of marriage! I love knowing that I'm never alone when we are going through a difficult time. My struggles are ours together, but our joys are also shared. Love that.