Sunday, July 17, 2011

A little catching up

Remember how I was going to turn my day around last Thursday?  Well, I finished my post, put the baby down for a nap because he woke up way too early, and went outside with the big kids.  And then I found this.  
totally flat, nail not pictured

Suddenly it was a stay at home day, so out came the sprinkler and on went the swimsuits.  We ate lunch out back.  We spent time playing and not accomplishing much by way of to-do lists, but that was ok.  Besides, eating raspberries (or wearing them in the Muffin's case) and driving toy cars doesn't seem too bad, does it?

raspberries are delicious, and so are those cheeks
Although a few chores were done, ditching the to-do list ended up being the theme for the weekend.  The husband and I went on a long overdue date Friday night, and we set out without plans.  We ended up at a restaurant I'd been wanting to try, and then instead of turning left the husband turned right and suddenly we were on a two hour drive over the mountain and down the other side.  It gave us a lot of time to talk and catch up and reconnect, and it was totally perfect.  

awaiting certain death as mountain driving is semi-stressful to me 
Saturday we had two objectives: visit my dad and take him another aquarium (he has a fish hobby), and go to BYU for new hats for the husband and de-Man.  I somehow relaxed from the strict nap schedules and even strict eating schedules (who needs lunch?  we all survived) and enjoyed the day.  We set up the aquarium for my dad after running the needed errands to get supplies, and we visited for a while.  We shopped at the bookstore and wandered around campus with the kids for much longer than I can usually handle wandering. We drove by where we lived while in college, and after the kids were completely exhausted we came home.  

I think it just may be possible to teach an old dog new tricks.  I'm figuring out how to be in the moment with my family.  Not that I've totally got it down, but I'm learning, and I'm really enjoying it. 

As a quick side note, have I mentioned that I love food?  I do.  Food that's healthy.  Food that's indulgent.  I love making food.  I love eating food.  I thought maybe I'd start sharing more about how my life is a little better with food.  I'm excited to return to this topic regularly.  To get started, here's a peek at some of our weekend food.
-Friday night date  (I had pomodoro with mozzarella which was fantastic, and a mixed greens salad to start)
-breakfast sandwiches on Saturday morning (made with bacon at our house, and I have to say I can't wait to eat some that are still in the freezer)
-raspberries from the neighbor's garden in heavy consumption
-perfect pancakes (as breakfast for dinner Saturday night- I threw blueberries in half of them)
-new favorite salmon recipe for Sunday dinner
-chocolate covered cinnamon bears from the BYU


Kathryn said...

Oh, love that you are sharing food links. I cannot wait to try the salmon!

Our weekend found us leaving the to-do list at home and enjoying time with friends and family - so much fun!! But now I feel stressed about all the things that didn't get done {boo}.

Hannah said...

I love the food section, too! Your weekend sounds wonderful! Darling baby in that picture!