Friday, July 1, 2011

As American As...

One of the best holidays of the whole year commences celebration this weekend, and the fact that the holiday itself lands on a Monday to create a three-day weekend makes it even more fabulous.

I used to teach U.S. history.  The Fourth of July is kind of a big deal for my America-loving heart.

I'm hoping to find time for a viewing of one of my favorite America-themed movies (and if that's not nerdy enough, I will also be happy if I can catch A Capital Fourth on PBS). I'm also hopeful that much of our weekend will be spent showing our independence and hard work with some serious house/yard work.  I'm sure that play will make an appearance- after all, who can endure 90-degree weather without a little water fun?  And then on Monday the best pulled pork ever will make an appearance at our late afternoon family bbq.

I can hardly wait.  Hope your weekend is full of fun- and maybe a little US trivia.


Katie said...

You have such a lovely blog Christina-lovely, because your shared thoughts are lovely. I feel like, all these particles of truth written online are each a part of your whole Testimony! I came across this via facebook (it was sitting off to the right-ah, choose the right, lead me to being a "little better")

So glad I stopped in, I shall do it more often I think!

richard said...

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Lizzy said...

My 24 y/o was at a party on the 4th and won the trivia contest...he was the only one to name the 13 colonies correctly, the 4 presidents who were assassinated, and other fun facts. I think it's GREAT to be a nerd! Hope you had a fabulous weekend~